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Village of a Thousand Treasures

Aujourd'hui, un message pour mes petits lecteurs anglais...

Hello to you all! Here is another story especially for the little readers of The Great Wave I met today near London... using Skype! Ready to go to Japan again? Let's go!


couvombrevillageof.jpgOne day, in the Land of the Rising Sun, two wicked robbers stopped at an inn after a long journey. There they overheard a conversation about a place known as “the village of a thousand treasures”. Immediately they gallopped off to the village hoping to seize the treasures. When they arrived, however, all they found were hard-working men and women, lots of children and humble houses. Where were the villagers hiding their treasures? Blinded by their greed, the two robbers end up falling into the trap that the villagers set up to protect their most valuable possessions, something far more precious than money or gold...

See you on Wednesday! ;-)


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