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Subject : Georges Brassens (his songs, his guitare...)

Size : circle or square (around 8x8 inch / 20x20 cm)

Technique and support : as you like !

Deadline : May 30, 2009

Send your mail art to :

Bibliothèque (Public Library)

10 rue Micky Barange

69510 Soucieu en Jarrest


I know, the deadline is close... I'm very sorry ! (Impossible for me to do it better !)
Your arts will be seen by all the visitors during the 5th Georges Brassens Festival, near Lyon in France, from the 29th to the 31st of May 2009 !
Please, give us your name, address, email, website and blog to receive news of the exhibition.

To learn more about...
Thank you very much !

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