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New Mail Art Call!

At last, here is my new call in English!

The winter has come and the weather is cold, but ... perhaps your dreams are sunny?

Or ... you live in a place where there is no true seasons ... and you are dreaming of some snowy day, with a little fresh wind!

Please, send us a postcard from this so inspiring place! A place that does exist somewhere in the world or only in your heart ...

Mail Art Call.JPG

(> click to enlarge!)


Médiathèque municipale - Espace Saint-Exupéry 
32 bis rue de la Station - BP 90043 
95132 Franconville cedex

The works will not be returned, but they will be exhibited at the Public Library of Franconville (near Paris, FRANCE) after several workshops that I will conduct with the children of the city. We hope your cards will be a kind of opened window on the world's beauty. Thank a lot!


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